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We sat down with Marvin Maldonado, owner of The Neighborhood Pizzeria. You probably know him from Federalist Public House, but he’s back with a new pizza concept, opening this month in East Sacramento. The Neighborhood Pizzeria: part Brooklyn, part Detroit, part Sactown, all good.

CS: Why did you open up another pizza joint?

MarvinWell, I love pizza, we wanted to take everything we learned at Federalist and simplify the process of it. We call it the new “American” pizza. We wanted to create something that isn’t being done here in town, or on the west coast. We wanted a style that’s familiar, nostalgic, and that has all those familiar points and characteristics that we love about pizza and do it in a small format, something that we can reproduce pretty easily. 

CS: Tell us about the pizza style?

M: Some people call it Detroit style. Some people call it Sicilian style. We just call it, I guess, the new American pizza, the neighbor style. It’s square, 12 inches by 16 inches. It’s sliced into 8 huge slices, people call them “squares”. They’re a deeper dish than standard pizza and has a signature crispy cheesy crust around the edge. We bake them in traditional Detroit style, upside down, cheese first, sauce and toppings. It’s a super good light and fluffy crust, great tomato sauce, fantastic cheeses, and really great meats. 

CS: Why does Sacramento need Detroit style pizza?

MSacramento needs more good pizza. I don’t know if Detroit style is what Sacramento needs, but it needs more good pizza. The west coast in general needs more pizza culture. Again, this is coming back to simpler pizza that people are really familiar. From a value perspective, at Federalist, you eat a pizza, and you’re still kind of hungry, right? You’re not going to eat a whole pizza here. You’re going to take some pizza home. It’s going to stick to your gut. It’s going to stick to your ribs. It’s hot. It’s good.

Sacramento needs more good pizza.

CS: Federalist is very beer-centric, will Neighborhood Pizzeria do the same?

M: I think a lot of people think of us [Federalist] as a brewery, The Neighborhood isn’t. I mean, we’ll have more soda than beer. We’ll have Jones Soda, but we’ll have four beers on tap. Our house beer is going to be Brooklyn Lager. We worked out our timing of our opening to coincide with Brooklyn Brewery’s release on the west coast.

CS: To the Sacramento pizza snobs that are going to raise their eyebrows at the idea of Detroit style pizza in Sac, what is your message to them?

M:  Don’t come in here thinking it’s Detroit style pizza. Don’t come in here thinking it’s any type of pizza you’ve ever had before. Where else in Sac can you get a monster square slice of cheese pizza for three bucks? Where can you get a slice and a beer for under 10 bucks any time of the day and have it actually feed you? And it’s fresh-baked, good pizza.

CS: When you do guys open?

M:  We’re shooting for March 17th – 20th.

You can find The Neighborhood Pizzeria: 5401 H St. Sacramento, CA 95819

Make sure you check them out, and get your neighbor style on! Let us know what you think below in the comments.