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With Sacramento’s rapid growth, grid residents consistently find and experience new hip gems. That’s why we are always a little extra excited when we find a new favorite spot that is off the grid. We recently visited Serpentine Fox Prohibition, a new gastropub in the Fulton area, just a 15-minute drive from Midtown. They opened their doors earlier this year, fought through some building issues, and just re-opened on July 7th. We met with Gary Rivera, the General Manager, who shared the story behind Serpentine Fox, their passion for better tasting pub food and local liquors, and their desire to reinvigorate and re-spark the Fulton Ave culture.

CS: Tell us about Serpentine Fox

Gary: Well firstly, the name is more of a two part effort. The owner’s father is from Columbia and the town he is from there were a number of foxes in town. It was more of a fox town, so that’s where the Fox comes from. His mother is from Fiji and in Fiji, they call snakes, serpents and that’s where Serpentine Fox comes from. I came along and we wanted it to not be called a sports bar and not be called a bar and grill. I started doing some research about the area and again there’s a rich history of prohibition times in this area and also coming here I felt that Sacramento, in general, is kind of its own prohibition area. People always thought about prohibition just being the banning of liquor, but it was more about the explosion of cocktails. Prohibition was not about the banning of the cocktail but really the celebration of cocktails and bar culture.


CS: Why did you guys decide this area instead of Midtown?

G: That was mostly Diego, when he graduated high school he lived in this area, it has held a special place in his heart. He also did real estate for years and did a lot of research about Park Ave income and this area has a large money presence quite honestly and he felt people in this neighborhood wanted that type of offer, they wanted something of their own.

Many people don’t necessarily want to go to downtown with parking, traffic tickets, or crowds. They want something in their neighborhood, that’s why we chose this location. Fulton used to be kind of the spot for arts and entertainment in the city so we wanted to reinvigorate and re-spark that culture.

He thought it would be a little diamond in the rust and would re-spark the rich history Fulton Ave used to have. they had tons of entertainment and music in the 70’s-80’s.

CS: Tell us about the menu and the bar program.

G: It’s a gastropub menu where we’re focusing on made fresh, from scratch, with quality simple ingredients so we can build very consistent products. Just really savory food, it’s heavy, it’s bar food, but it’s things we have that we believe will complement our liquor and beer choices.

[Bartender]: Our bar program here is very different, we don’t do a lot of the mainstream liquors, we cover the variety but we don’t have your classic Smirnoff and Captain Morgan. We try to introduce people to more local liquors, usually the lesser known liquors. Our house rum is a Jamaican blend rum which is an over proof rum and about 114 proof. One drink will go a lot further than a Captain Morgan drink for the exact same price. We cover all the high-end liquors but we stick to brands like Hanger and Macallan. We don’t have Jack Daniel’s instead we have Evan Williams, or we go straight into the higher end bourbons. We stick to three tiers of liquors including the wealth, highballs and the premiums.

None of the premiums we have here you will find at other bars. All of our cocktails here are crafts, the syrups are made in house, ingredients are fresh, and our cocktail menu will change seasonally with our food.

Our brews will change too. Our whole lineup is craft and micro brews. We do not have any mainstream beers like Coors Light and Budweiser, we stick to the local microbrew versions of the same brews to fit everyone needs but to introduce them to something local or hand crafted. 50% of our handles are from Sacramento region, if not almost everything we have is a west coast brew.

Our verdict: WORTH.THE.DRIVE. They’ll definitely be a candidate for our next series of best burgers in Sac. (part 1, part 2). Make sure you check them out. Been there already? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.