FEAST: Sacramento’s New Roaming Dinner Party

If you’re tapped into the Sacramento food scene, you’ve heard about Canon, the new tavern-style restaurant set to open in East Sacramento this Spring. What you probably haven’t heard is that Canon just launched their new pop-up dining experience called FEAST, with the first dinner happening Feb 9th and 10th at a private basement venue in Old Sacramento. We sat down with Owner and Operator, Clay Nutting, to get the low-down on Canon and FEAST. Keep a look out for an in-depth feature on Brad Cecchi, Executive Chef and Partner, in the coming weeks.

For those who haven’t heard, what is the vision behind Canon?

Canon is a chef-driven, neighborhood restaurant. What that means to us is that there is an emphasis on food, but that it is also a great place to hang out. We will have a huge patio, a casual vibe and an awesome beer, wine and cocktail program. The kitchen will be led by Chef Brad Cecchi, formally of Grange in Sacramento and most recently the Michelin-rated Solbar in Calistoga. He is a real bad ass.

What is FEAST?

FEAST is a pop-up dining experience by Canon. The concept behind FEAST is to create a social and festive dinner party in an unexpected-yet-cool location. Led by Chef Brad Cecchi, FEAST will include six creative, delicious and hearty dishes, served family style. Along with dinner, guests will have the option to purchase generous and ever-flowing pours of wine or beer at an additional cost.

Will FEAST continue after Canon opens?

Yes. FEAST is an extension of Canon. It’s our version of a dinner party. We want it to be festive, exciting, creative and social. We want the vibe to be exactly as it sounds like it would be, a celebration of food and drink with friends, family and people you have yet to meet. Eating and drinking should be social. So we plan on continuing these events and even want to design our catering business around this concept. Want to have a FEAST at your house with your friends, give us a ring, let’s party!

Is the idea to have FEAST dinners roam about the city with a different location for each dinner?

That’s the idea. We’d love to do one on the rooftop at WAL, in a park, on a barge, wherever we can gather people who love to eat amazing food and have a few drinks.

How often will dinners be held?

Probably once a month. Once we open, we will mostly do them at Canon, but we will also come to you as well. We are down to throw a FEAST anywhere.

Will the food represent/reflect the style of food that will be offered at Canon?

Yes. I think everything we do will be a reflection of what we are doing at Canon. The style is a little different because FEAST is a large dinner party, versus the experience at Canon, where it might just be you and your partner or a few friends. While we want the food to be a social experience at Canon, in that you’re sharing and trying creative dishes, with FEAST the entire experience is social.

Any idea what kind of wine and beer you’ll be pouring? Local?

For this dinner, we will be serving local beer and wine. We will make our selections once we finalize the menu. We are not necessarily designing it to pair with the food, but more to compliment it. If you purchase a food and drink ticket, the beer and wine will flow. Just like it would at any good feast. 

How do you hope FEAST contributes to Sacramento’s growing food/drink scene?

I think it’s great to have the home-grown talent of Brad’s caliber return home to share what he has learned and experienced in his ventures outside of Sacramento. He has a unique vision for contemporary tavern food that is approachable enough to enjoy every day but adventurous enough to appease our foodie community. I’m excited. I can’t wait. FEAST will be a great sneak peak.

Dates: Feb 9th & 10th 

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Location: 1008 2nd Street (Rad, speak-easy like venue in Old Sacramento)

Dinner Only: $65

Dinner + Drinks: $95 (An assortment of free-flowing wine or beer, it is a feast after all)

Menu Style: Six-dishes, served family style  

Ticket link: http://canoneastsac.com/feast


– Venue is located in the basement. Upon entry, follow signage to elevators, take the elevator to the bottom floor, exit elevator into venue space. 

– Reception with light appetizers at 7:00 pm. Seating at 7:30 pm. 

– Limited to 50 people.