Exploring Echo Lake

As a dedicated nature and outdoor photographer, I’ve been on a mission to explore and capture scenery from various regions of Northern California and beyond. On Memorial Day a small group of us woke up far before dawn to explore the Desolation Wilderness region of Echo Lake near Lake Tahoe, California.

We made it to the West shore of Lake Tahoe just in time for a remarkable sunrise over the Sierra Nevada. The lake was impressively peaceful and serene.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-1Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-3Fellow adventurers, Jordan and Angi Passey, were on their way to capture the sunset at Yosemite later that day, but were compelled to stop and appreciate the early morning grandeur of Emerald Bay. I briefly introduced myself and we shared Instagram accounts because it’s a great way to connect with others who share a similar passion. Go check out their work for some great outdoors and creative inspiration.

From where we were standing, if you looked to the South you could see Eagle Falls cutting through the mountain range.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-4Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-6Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-7Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-8Hiking up to the trailhead we didn’t know the exact direction to take. Fortunately, we chose the wrong path, went East, and ended up with a majestic sight line of Echo Peak towering over the Tahoe basin.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-9-1The granite slopes upon which we stood offered impressive views. My friends, Anthony and Marcy, stood to appreciate the moment.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-9-2Fellow NorCal explorer, Alex Santiago, snapped this picture of me soaking in the expansive view of Tahoe.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-11Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-12Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-13Pine trees are one of my favorite subject matters in nature photography. This gnarly subalpine tree is a classic example of krummholz.Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-14Glenn Robinson - Echo-Lake-California-Glenn-Lee-Robinson-15Cottages and cabins speckle the shoreline, but in an unobtrusive way. Structures like this are just beautiful and add charm to the location.Once at the far end of Lower Echo Lake, we called the boat taxi to pick us up, and return us to Echo Chalet where we started. It saved us about 2 hours of backtracking. The taxi is $14 per person (pack included) one way and there is a three-person (or, $42 minimum) to run a taxi. The taxi runs on demand, as long as the minimum fee is met and can be reached at (530) 659-7207.Don’t miss the chance to see a different perspective  while riding back to the chalet. And it sure beats walking, especially if you’re on a limited time schedule like we were.There’s still so much more to explore in the Desolation Wilderness and our surrounding NorCal region and I have every intention to do so. If you enjoyed these pictures, then I think you’ll like my Instagram page which features a unique look at various natural subjects and landscapes . Check out my Instagram feed and follow me at @glennleerobinson. Thanks to City Scout Magazine for the opportunity to share my moments from this adventure.


Photos | Glenn Lee Robinson