Electric Sun Creatives

When Gary and I first came across Electric Sun Creatives on Instagram and found out Sarah Perez, the owner and creative director, lived in Sacramento, we just knew we had to meet her.

After a few emails, Sarah invited us to visit her home and workshop in the Warehouse Artists Lofts on R Street and as newbies to Sacramento, we were happy to have a great excuse to get in the building and check it out. We heard about the artists open studios when we first moved here but had never had a chance to go.

Sarah’s studio is a bright, sun-filled space with tons of creative little pieces of art and collectibles everywhere. Her ridiculously cute daughter, Harper, was there to greet us as well as their dog, his tail wagging and all. From the moment we walked in, we were enamored and immediately fell head over heals for her family and work/living space.

We spent a little over an hour with Sarah talking about life, parenthood and her business – the big successes she’s had along the way as well as the inevitable setbacks. It was such a wonderful glimpse into her world and what makes her tick. We walked away feeling we didn’t have much choice in the matter – we absolutely had to be friends. After reading more about her story below and seeing the photos, we think you’ll see why.

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How long have you been in business?
To make the short story long: I got married and moved to a new city six years ago and had the rare opportunity to start over again. Taking all the art classes was the obvious answer for me. I quickly fell in love with my jewelry design class and soon after created a business of it in 2013. After having my daughter at the end of that year I started using my jewelry design knowledge to make wall pieces; the first ever for my daughter’s nursery. Jewelry quickly became a thing of the past as my love for making wall hangings and mobiles grew. It wasn’t until last year that I really started to hone my style and take the business of making seriously. Since then, things have exploded and it’s the coolest feeling.

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Who/what have your influences been?
I mostly have been influenced by the medium itself. I love cutting up shapes and shifting the pieces around until a design pops.

Where can we find your goods?
You can find me on Instagram to see the plethora of styles in which I work, but to order a design or request a custom piece, you can find me on Etsy.

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Gary and I will be continuing our adventure of meeting more local artist as we venture out into our new hometown of Sacramento. We hope you’ll stay tuned and join us on the adventure.


Photos: Lisa and Gary of Create & Gather