Eating Seasonally: January

After indulging throughout the holidays, we’re ready to take a break from rich foods with some simple, fresh meals loaded with market vegetables. Dark leafy greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are just a few of our January favorites that are packed full of nutrients and make for a great addition to any meal.

Brussels Sprouts

In the past few years, Brussels sprouts have made a strong comeback, showing up at restaurants all over the world. These aren’t your parents’ Brussels sprouts. It’s not the Brussels sprouts that have changed, it’s the way they are prepared. Most people who dislike Brussels sprouts were usually forced to eat them as a child steamed or boiled to soggy imperfection or never ate them growing up because their parents didn’t enjoy them. If you’re still apprehensive, try them roasted, sautéed or caramelized, with garlic and pancetta or bacon. Brussels Sprouts are in peak season right now and you can find them loose or on the stock. They will last 10 days loose or up the 3 weeks on the stock. Brussels sprouts will be in season until March.

Orange Varieties

January is peak season for citrus here in California with nearly every variety available. The only exceptions are limes, which are going out of season, and Valencia oranges which usually don’t hit the market before February.

Navel sweet – “winter orange” – available November-June
Valencia sweet – “summer orange” – available February-October
Blood Orange – bright red flesh that is sweet but more acidic than common oranges – available December-April


California produces 98% of kiwi fruit grown in the U.S. most of which is grown right here in the Central Valley. In season from October-May, kiwis are delicious in smoothies, add color to winter fruit salads, and are great just sliced in half and eaten with a spoon.

Try Something New – Romanesco

This unique edible flower, known for its spiraled green florets is more mild and nutty in flavor than its relative, cauliflower. Romanesco can be used as you would cauliflower in a recipe, but we love it sautéed and roasted.


Brussels sprouts
Salad greens
Get them before they’re gone: green beans, pears, persimmon
Try something new: Romanesco