Chris Bogard

A Day at V. Miller Meats

I recently had the pleasure of stopping by V. Miller Meats in East Sac for a quick chat with company co-owner, Matt Azevedo. As I was waiting to ask him about the amazing assortment of meats they had in their cases, I got to watch him and his staff do some expert butchery and slice up some seriously large pieces of various animals. It. Was. Awesome.boarddog treatsemployee through glassFor those who don’t know, V. Miller Meats is a family owned business run by friends (and what Matt calls “recovering chefs”) Eric Veldman Miller and Matt Azevedo. The concept for the shop apparently came to them back in January of 2014, and they now have it up and running!portrait 6x9The shop’s interior is incredibly beautiful. The ceilings are lined with super ornate tiles and the whole place reminds me of my aunt’s kitchen around Thanksgiving. Perfect cuts of every kind of meat you can imagine are stacked in the cases.

Matt and Eric’s main goal seems to be transparency. They want the people of the neighborhood to know exactly what kinds of meat they’re getting, how the animals were raised, (very responsibly) and that their butcher has a close relationship with the farmers from whom they get their meat.

They offer what Matt calls a “throwback” method of butchery, using the whole animal and a variety of traditional and non-traditional cuts. Matt also told me (after I asked about the mouth-watering horseradish butter in the refrigerator) that they often use a wild hare for sides and additions to their meats, offering pairings and other delights.Eric herbs meat close upWhile I stood with our photographer I thought about two things: one, how badly I wish I could even remotely cook, and two, what meats my wife and I would be buying to cook the savory, Christmas-y dinners in our future.windowSo, go check out V. Miller Meats! 4801 Folsom Blvd, East Sac. 

Photos by Chris Bogard