City Kitchen: Redefining Farm-to-Fork

Dinner? Delivered? With local produce and meat? Homemade? On a weeknight?
Please, do, tell me more.

City Kitchen, the delicious brainchild of Rebecca Lujan Loveless, hits a mother of 2.5 children with a part-time job as an English Professor, a full load of freelance clients and publication deadlines, and a newly purchased Yoga Studio to manage right in the feels. Right in my over achieving-super picky-organic eating-crazy food allergies-yoga teacher-mindful living-mama bear heart spot. When I learned that the ingredients are primarily purchased directly from the farms and farmers themselves, that the food is made in a space with presence and intention, and that City Kitchen was created for the purpose of giving people the gift of time together to nourish their bodies and also their relationships, I was ready to order.

So, on a busy Monday night, we were treated to hot turkey burger patties, toppings including a platter of organic veggies, house-made garlic aioli, a balsamic fig spread, and fluffy buttered buns. To pair with the salad, also included was an organic shaved Brussels Sprouts and Apple salad garnished with some goat cheese and walnuts and accompanied by a house-made lemon dressing.

It was clear to me this food had been made with love, and Rebecca confirmed. “What makes a meal healthy is so much more than just the food,” says Loveless, “it’s the subtle nuances that go into the meal, from shopping through preparation, presentation, and consumption. It’s the mindful process and attention that makes it healthy.” She’s so serious about that she’s growing a business based on just that.

While working full time in a career she loved in Orlando, Florida, Loveless found her respite in the kitchen preparing beautiful, balanced, and nutritious meals for her family. It felt good to her to know where her food came from, who grew it, who picked it, who sold it and to know it was food grown with the same kind of care and attention she gives her own family. As she shared this experience with friends and family the demand for something more than the occasional meal became high enough that Loveless quit her job and opened up City Kitchen: Orlando in 2014.

Its fast success coupled with the family’s move to Sacramento, where farm-fresh food can be found as few as five miles away, prompted her to open her second business, City Kitchen: Sacramento in August 2016.
Now, Sacramento locals can hop online to City Kitchen’s new website, select a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night meal delivery, and between the hours of 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. that day they’ll have a piping hot bundle of healthy delicious eats in their hands.

And, her prices are meant to be accessible, just $39.99 for two, $74.99 for four and $99 for six, which is about half what you’d pay for the same food in a restaurant and you get to eat in the comfort of your own home with little prep or cleanup involved.

First meal free with code SCOUTSAC

The new website includes information on the farms she uses in each meal, menu details, and will soon also include nutrition links and articles to healthy and mindful eating. As a fellow mom, busy human being, and as someone dedicated to only putting things in my body that feel good from the inside out, I am beyond excited to see this project take off here.