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Cookies + Milk

Planning a kids’ birthday party once a year is enough work. Throw in a few slumber parties and you’re all out of ideas on how to keep these kiddos entertained. ... Read More...

Sacramento Zoo

Land Park is the center of kid-friendly activity in Sacramento. It’s a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon - whether you ride a rollercoaster, immerse ... Read More...


Being a momma of 3 widely creative boys, all different in personality, creative endeavors, and age ranges, ArtBeast has quickly become one of our favorite spots... Read More...

Sutter’s Fort

Midtown is home to some of Sacramento’s best restaurant and shopping experiences. On Capitol Avenue you’ll see Biba, a Sacramento classic for upscale Italian di... Read More...

Jimmy’s Barber Garage

Gone are the days where you could put a bowl on your kid’s head, trim around the edges and call it a haircut. In fact, gone are the days where kids haircuts wer... Read More...
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