Catching Up With Rituals of Mine, formerly Sister Crayon

Having already carved out a niche sound with their unique dark-wave electronica offerings and emotive lyrical passion, Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez have hit the national stage after being signed to Warner Bros. Records this year under the name Rituals of Mine. Formerly known as Sister Crayon, post-touring with the Deftones, Rituals of Mine came back home to Sacramento – along with James Cavern and The Lique – for the release show of their album ‘Devoted.’

The energetic live show is where Terra and Dani come alive. Harlow’s was the perfect venue to showcase this. Leaving everything on the stage, Terra says that her performances are a form of therapy; and much like the band’s name change, her emotionally charged performances are directly connected to events in her own life, offering an avenue for fans and music lovers to share in the creation of a sacred space for sonic expression and catharsis.

“Last year my father passed away, and six months after, my best friend passed away,” Terra said. “Their deaths kind of solidified the decision in changing the name. It just didn’t feel right to keep going under that name which they had known me for so long under. It didn’t feel right to keep going without them here.”city-scout-sacramento-rituals-of-mineAt Harlow’s, the band shined and showed their love for their hometown with a fully energized crowd. Emotional at times bordering on rage, the performance never lost its beauty and sublime artistry. Rituals of Mine specializes in heavy emotion powered through music; in fact, Terra describes her style as a form of therapy.

“That’s why I first started doing music really, was for therapy,” Terra explained. “It’s just so cathartic and therapeutic to sit down, and sing, and write, and create music. It has always been that way where I couldn’t find the right words, or I couldn’t have certain conversations, especially with my father actually. When I was younger I would write songs because I didn’t really know how to communicate my feelings to him. It’s always been that way and it’s still very much that way, and that’s why I continue to do music. Every single time we step out on stage it is very intense. Every show, it’s different; it’s literally battling whatever is in my head at that time. That’s always been the reason why I do music in the first place.”

Coming home for the ‘Devoted’ release show was especially poignant for the band. As Terra described it, it gave them a chance to interact with the city that she and Dani have called home for a good portion of their lives, and where they currently reside when not on tour.9-30-16-rituals-of-mine-andre9 9-30-16-rituals-of-mine-andre129-30-16-rituals-of-mine-andre20 If you’re a long time fan and you think you know ‘Devoted’, previously released as an LP under the Sister Crayon moniker, take note that it has gotten a complete makeover for the new Warner Bros. album release. In our estimation this is a great thing, a phoenix-like reinvention perfectly matched to Rituals of Mine and the goals they are building on.

“It’s actually a completely different release,” Terra said. “It’s the same songs but there’s additional production; we’ve remixed the entire record and remastered (it), so sonically I just feel it’s pretty next level compared to the initial release. For the first time ever we have a lyric book that comes with the album, so all the lyrics are provided, brand new artwork, brand new liner notes; so the entire package is essentially different. It’s a step up from the original.”

Rituals of Mine is still on tour. A full tour schedule can be found here. ‘Devoted’ can be purchased online or at your local record store.9-30-16-rituals-of-mine-andre18PHOTOS | ANDRE ELLIOTT