Andre Elliott

Catching Up With Sister Crayon

This past weekend, Sister Crayon came in from the Bay to DJ alongside The Golden Pony and French Horn Rebellion at Requiem’s Throwdown. Before Saturday night really got going, we decided to catch up with Sister Crayon and find out what they’ve been up to, and what’s on Dani and Terra’s playlist.

So when does your newest release come out?

Terra: “We have an album that’s coming out in the spring of this year.”

Dani: “It’s an LP.”

Terra: “The new album is called Devoted.”

What formats are you releasing it on?

Terra: “It’s gonna be digital, of course, and then CD and vinyl.”

Sister Crayon’s easy transition between formats, like their music, hints at the alluring and seamless blend between technology, old-school detail, musical innovation, and exploration that runs through their music.

Yeah, a lot of groups seem to be releasing stuff on vinyl lately.

Terra: “Yeah. It’s awesome seeing that vinyl is coming back.”

What other projects are you guys working on right now?

Terra: “I mean we’re always working on music, but definitely the new album is our main focus right now.”

How does it compare with the Cynic EP, and your previous work?

Terra: “Oh, it’s drastically different. Everything about it. The production-”

Dani: “The direction.”

Terra: “The vocals (and) just literally the entire team, and everything about it is different.”

Dani: “It’s definitely a step up.”

Terra: “Yeah, we’ve always wanted to go in this direction. It’s like, the music we’ve been wanting to make. We worked with less people (on this album). Sister Crayon started as a solo project and at times built into a full band. Although we’re grateful for that, our vision kind of got clouded. When you have a lot of people and a lot of ideas, it can kind of stray from the root of it; so, for this album, we stripped it down. It’s just Dani and I. We worked with a producer, we wrote everything and just kind of finally went with the music that we’ve heard in our heads all along.”

Before going to see the show, I asked Sister Crayon what music they’ve been listening to lately.

Dani: “My ‘go-to’s’ are FKA and Flying Lotus.”

FKA Twigs: 

Flying Lotus: 

Tera: “The new Bjork album. Also DJ Rashad. And the juke movement is really exciting to me. It’s really fast. Like 160 bpm dance music.


DJ Rashad:

But sometimes it flips and we’ll listen to like Billie Holiday or even opera. Jeff Buckley is my favorite vocalist.

Later that night I saw Sister Crayon’s set for the first time. Based on the amped up energy, stage presence and exciting beats and mixes, it will be the first of many. Watch for their new album dropping this spring!


Photos | Andre Elliott