Capital Dance Project: Behind the Barre

Just over one month ago, Capital Dance Project, a collective of Sacramento professional ballet dancers, performed the second production of Behind the Barre: Made in Sacramento at the historic Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. This innovative performance featured nine world premieres by the Company’s resident choreographers in collaboration with over fifteen local visual artists, musicians and videographers, many of whom were featured artists of Art Hotel. Behind the Barre astounded audiences with its ingenuity and creative collaborations. Some pieces featured original live music specifically composed for the performance. Other collaborations included set design/construction, projected live-drawing, massive paintings displayed on stage, technological lighting effects, props and even hand-painted costumes. Behind the Barre was sponsored by New Helvetia Brewing Co. and Clarksburg Winery and served their delicious local libations to the nearly 1,200 attendees who attended the performances during the two-night run at the Crest Theatre.

Founded in the summer of 2015, Capital Dance Project, CDP, provides Sacramento professional ballet dancers with off-season employment (usually during the summer months) and a platform to create their own unique performance experiences as well as an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other local artists and musicians. CDP is an entirely dancer-driven company. The dancers are not only the choreographers and performers in the show, but they also take the lead on booking the venue, marketing the event, graphic design work, securing sponsors, developing donor relations, designing and maintaining the website, planning fundraising events, making the program, and everything else that goes into putting on a show. CDP members are local entrepreneurs in their own right, delving into other work that they might not have had the chance to explore while in the midst of their dancing careers.nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-15 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-17 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-25 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-24 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-27 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-87 A new component of CDP is its recently developed outreach program – a dream come true for the dancers, thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Sacramento Republic FC Glory Glory Sacramento Fund. Awarded to CDP this past summer, the grant is aimed to engage and mentor underserved youth in the beauty and benefits of dance. CDP was able to invite close to 100 children from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento, Blue Line Arts Group and 916 Ink to the Behind the Barre performances, and they are currently in the planning stages of developing a summer workshop for children in conjunction with producing the next Behind the Barre performance in 2017.

CDP’s next show will be a pop-up performance with one of Sacramento’s favorite musicians, Joe Kye, at 7:30pm on Saturday, October 22nd at the CLARA Auditorium. Joe Kye will be returning to Sacramento for the first time since his recent move to Seattle and is performing a new collaborative album entitled Arrivals with Jason Chu, a hip-hop artist from LA. CDP will join the performance for a revival of CDP artist Kaori Higashiyama’s 2016 Behind the Barre creation, Yuki geshou, which featured projection art by Sacramento visual artist Franceska Gamez and original music by Joe Kye. Don’t miss this enthralling performance and keep an eye on Capital Dance Project as they continue to bring diverse dance experiences to the Sacramento community.

Find more information about Capital Dance Project’s Pop-Up Performance with Joe Kye on our Things to Do page or purchase tickets here.nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-53 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-55 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-56 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-59 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-60 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-61 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-69 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-72 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-74 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-73 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-76 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-83 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-122 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-89 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-91 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-94 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-96 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-103 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-108 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-104 nicole-wallace-2016-8-27-cap-dance-proj-001-111


Photos | Nicole Dianne