Block Butcher Bar: Now Serving Lunch

Block Butcher Bar is already renowned for their house-cured charcuterie, artisanal cheeses and their extensive wine and spirit selection. Previously, the only time to get a taste of Block was after dark. But all of that will change with the highly-anticipated release of Block’s new lunch menu.

The team at Block Butcher Bar will bring their culinary creations to the lunch scene with a noteworthy menu of signature sandwiches, salads, seasonal bites, and even “Grown Up” Lunchables. They recently invited City Scout and a group of local Instagrammers to preview the new menu, which also includes an exciting new collaboration with local juice bar, Liquidology Bar.IMG_8517 IMG_8430 IMG_8480 Chef Allyson Harvie has been in the culinary scene for over 10 years now and has refined her approach to create food that everyone will love. When conceptualizing Block’s new lunch menu, she reminisced on her early years as a child and the excitement of opening her lunchbox to find a Lunchable. It was this “ah-ha” moment that became the perfect foundation for presenting their standout fare in a nostalgia-driven, satisfying and lunch-friendly way.

Chef Allyson brings the same deep respect for ingredients she expresses on the dinner menu to lunch. She values the relationships she has with Block’s farmers and suppliers and continually strives to present their produce in a way to celebrate their simple splendor without too much fuss. “I found those baby carrots this morning at the market!” she proclaimed with excitement as we admired the beautiful display of veggies and the fluffiest hummus we’ve ever had.

Block has their drink and dinner pairings down, boasting a comprehensive selection of wine and spirits that are artfully chosen for their evening offerings. The team at Block knew they wanted to offer something complementary and unique to drink alongside their new lunch menu. Enter: the Liquidology Bar collaboration. They joined forces with Liquidology to not only offer organic, cold-pressed and delicious juices to lunch guests but to dream up some amazingly refreshing cocktails, like the Scout’s Honor made with their seasonal City Scout juice and gin, that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate.IMG_8461 Each bite and sip of Block’s new lunch offerings are a total pleasure. New yet comforting, straightforward yet creative, there truly is something for everyone to love. The combination of Block’s relentless pursuit to serve the best food possible with Liquidology’s fresh-pressed goodness is a match you’ll want to Block out some calendar time for.IMG_8447Block’s new lunch menu debuts April 11th at Block Butcher Bar located at 1050 20th Street in Midtown Sacramento.


Photos | Bella Karragiannidis