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Vanessa Labi

Neighborhoods: Southside

The micro-neighborhoods of Midtown/Downtown Sacramento come with their own charm. Boulevard Park is lush with gardens, P Street is a Victorian-architecture afic... Read More...


Doombird frontman Kris Anaya stomps onto the Golden Bear patio on a sunny September day in his signature Doc Martins and dingy, yet stylish, tee shirt.The s... Read More...


If the first thing a woman notices about a man is his shoes, then why do so many Sacramento men leave the house in flip flops? After meeting with Benjamin Schwa... Read More...

Contagious Color

“How did we sound?”, asks Sofia Lacin, excitedly. The artist and her partner, Hennessy Christophel, have just delivered a speech in their new studio to an intim... Read More...

The Dailey Method

Let’s get drunk on fitness, you guys.This winter, you may want to hit up a new kind of bar, one you’ll leave leg-lifting out of instead of Lyfting. Barre wo... Read More...

A Drink with Exquisite Corps

Sacramento’s Exquisite Corps, the rock n’ roll band known for their orchestral sound, is coming to a Low Brau near you. They recently released their sophomore a... Read More...

Vanessa Labi


Vanessa Labi is a Sacramento-based personal style blogger with a penchant for pattern. With an eclectic aesthetic that is equal parts boho and girly, she loves mixing different influences for a unique take on modern style.

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