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Stacy Antonopoulos

Through the Lens: Bodie

“What are men to rock and mountains? Oh! What hours of transport we shall spend!” - Jane Austen, Pride and PrejudiceOne oft mentioned advantage to living i... Read More...

Sacramento Zoo

Land Park is the center of kid-friendly activity in Sacramento. It’s a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon - whether you ride a rollercoaster, immerse ... Read More...

Sutter’s Fort

Midtown is home to some of Sacramento’s best restaurant and shopping experiences. On Capitol Avenue you’ll see Biba, a Sacramento classic for upscale Italian di... Read More...

California Museum

In trying to provide our children with the best possible experiences, we often get tied into a number of kid-centered activities. Sacramento standards such as F... Read More...

Stacy Antonopoulos


Stacy is a working mother of two. She teaches high school English, takes photos, and explores Sacramento and beyond.

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