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Nicolette Skidmore

New Kids on the Block

Sacramento is experiencing a season of growth. New spots are popping up every month and we are in a constant state of heart eyes. Need a new barber? Looking for... Read More...

What is PORTAL?

Maybe you saw it in the Sacramento Bee or on Instagram, or maybe you heard someone talking about a "portal" coming to Sacramento. There is a lot of anticipation... Read More...

Meagan Lewis of Brown Pigeon

Meagan Lewis, of Brown Pigeon, spends her mornings carving custom rubber stamps in her second floor apartment in East Sacramento, situated enviously close to Li... Read More...

Midtown Blue: Episode 3

Director's Note: Adolescent Things, Episode 3 of Midtown Blue, is another leap in our ability to tell stories through film. As much as we grew from 1 to 2, I... Read More...

Cookies + Milk

Planning a kids’ birthday party once a year is enough work. Throw in a few slumber parties and you’re all out of ideas on how to keep these kiddos entertained. ... Read More...

Nicolette Skidmore


Nicolette has a deep love for food, art, and leisure. She often finds herself scouring the city for hidden treats with her hipster son.

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