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Nicolette Skidmore


The word “FRESH” calls up images of spring blossoms, clean design, and, of course, OutKast. We’re happy to report that the upcoming FRESHbash will include all o... Read More...

A Look Inside Art Hotel

We've spent the last 3 weeks documenting the artists' residency at Art Hotel. The VIP viewing is tonight and we're DYING to show you what the inside of the aban... Read More...

Sacramento Art Hotel

What is Art Hotel anyway? Well, it is more than we can share today. However, we are excited to announce that we are working closely with the Art Hotel team to b... Read More...


Date night, mural hunting, Farmers Market and patio brunching. We can think of endless activities where Sacramento is best experienced by bike. The ease of biki... Read More...

Nicolette Skidmore


Nicolette has a deep love for food, art, and leisure. She often finds herself scouring the city for hidden treats with her hipster son.

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