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Michelle Labi-Klonecke

El Rey Preview Dinner

For Tahoe-ans, Sacramento serves as something of a gateway to the Bay Area, and for San Franciscans, Sacramento must feel like the gateway to the Sierras. In 20... Read More...

Brunch: Magpie

Disclaimer: People and menu items are subject to change. Magpies, part of the corvid family of birds, are known to be some of the most intelligent animals on... Read More...

Brunch: Hot Italian

Hot Italian’s black and white motif suggests a duality that can be found all over their brunch menu. Do you want to sit inside or outside on the patio? Do you w... Read More...


Ask and you shall receive. “Request” and you shall find yourself exploring new restaurants with a table reserved under your name and the ability to pay from you... Read More...

Best Patios in Sacramento

Indian summers. Delta breezes. We have many reasons – and many seasons – to seek out the patio life in Sacramento. There is a luxury and a freedom that comes... Read More...

Michelle Labi-Klonecke


A teacher in Elk Grove, but happy to call midtown home. She can be found hunting down new things to eat, drink, and learn.