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Michelle Labi-Klonecke


First Look: Allora

Everyone loves a good meet-cute in a romantic comedy. So goes the story of how Allora, one of East Sacramento’s newest eateries, came to be. When introducin... Read More...

ASHA Urban Baths

While we have plenty of food and alcohol-centered social customs (see: “Want to grab a coffee?” “Let’s do lunch.” and “Meet us for Happy Hour!”) there’s now a h... Read More...

Without Reservation: Masullo

Some things in life run deep, and one of those things is decidedly food. When it comes to yogurt and granola, are you a stirrer-inner or the separate-and-equal ... Read More...

Happy Hour Guide: Magpie

Before sitting down to talk shop with Magpie co-owner, Ed Roehr, we catch up as he tells me about the episode of Fresh Air he was listening to on the way over. ... Read More...
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Brunch: 58 Degrees & Holding

We all know about the six degrees of separation between us and Kevin Bacon, but what about the 58 degrees that gets you to just ... bacon? Enter: 58 Degrees bru... Read More...

Brunch: Hook & Ladder

Has there ever been a more ubiquitous punctuation mark in business names than the ampersand (aside from the exclamation point in Seinfeld’s “Top of the Muffin t... Read More...

Michelle Labi-Klonecke


A teacher in Elk Grove, but happy to call midtown home. She can be found hunting down new things to eat, drink, and learn.