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Angela Mirra

Jimmy’s Barber Garage

Gone are the days where you could put a bowl on your kid’s head, trim around the edges and call it a haircut. In fact, gone are the days where kids haircuts wer... Read More...

Top 5 Local Memberships

It’s this time of year when I start looking around for a few fresh places in town to take my kids. I have been on a MISSION to seek out what Sacramento has to o... Read More...

Angela Mirra

Angela is a new-to-Sacramento mom of two zesty kids; she and her flock landed in town by way of Brooklyn and Baltimore. A natural when it comes to scouting out a city, she is a tireless seeker of all things unique in kid and family. A foodie by heart and a health nut by trade, Angela is motivated to keep parents connected to their urban nest.