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A.C. Scott

Identity Coffees

The stakes are high for the crew at Identity Coffees. Lucky Rodrigues does the math in his head: “With ten kids between us, we all have to answer to people, to ... Read More...

From “BroWest” to GoWest

In the past seven years, Sacramento has seen a lifetime of change. In 2011, I remember exploring a city that I was confident I would never fully discover. I che... Read More...

One-on-One with Matt Trathen

“You mean the nice guy with the hair?”Even the people who have yet to be officially introduced to Matt Trathen (affectionately called Matt T by friends and ... Read More...

A.C. Scott


A.C. is a fiction author from Sacramento who is always craving new knowledge, great company, good food, and fine spirits, though not necessarily in that order.

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