Sandra Kordazakis


Being a momma of 3 widely creative boys, all different in personality, creative endeavors, and age ranges, ArtBeast has quickly become one of our favorite spots to hang. I almost dread doing at-home creative projects with my boys merely because of the set up and clean up. So much time goes into setting up all the supplies and within 5 minutes they are begging to do something different.IMG_0132When I stumbled upon ArtBEAST, it was as if I was transported to playtime heaven without all the hassle. With multiple different art exploration spaces, this uniquely made art studio space is where it’s at. With helpful staff there is minimal clean up, so you are ready to move on to creating something different. Raising kiddos in an urban city, my husband and I deeply value giving them a childhood filled with creativity and supporting local issues that matter to our city. ArtBeast is a good mesh of both. Providing space to be loud, create, explore, and use their imagination all while supporting a local non-profit! Whether it be your admission price, price of a killer ArtBEAST birthday party, Club Beast (drop off day camp), or membership; all proceeds go towards The Tubman House: a local nonprofit benefiting the needs of homeless women and children. And that is something City Scout can get behind.IMG_0120IMG_0185IMG_0114So now that you’re hooked, here is what you can expect. ArtBEAST is essentially a 3 level art studio with an outdoor play space for kiddos between the ages of 0 and 7. The bottom floor is set up with props and costumes quickly transporting you into imaginative play. The second floor is considered the main art space with craft tables, art easels, a play loft, and much more to get those artistic juices flowing. The third floor offers different rooms for building with blocks and legos, a soft baby play area, and their studio! Outside gives you a nice change of scenery with more exploration and imaginative play. In addition to this being a super sweet art studio,IMG_0168IMG_0164IMG_0173ArtBEAST also offers a variety of classes that are included in your admission price. From banging on drums, learning yoga, singing, dancing, or messy science their classes provide a great structured time for focused creativity. At ArtBEAST you get a good feel of their dedication. There is always a different curated craft on the main art floor and the window display is always changing. Camps, classes, and events are creatively thought out, and did I mention birthday parties? My son had his 4th birthday party at ArtBEAST, and it was an awesome alternative to other typical parties you pay for. Their top level studio space is beautifully decorated with handmade party elements and a craft is picked out just for your kid and his/her guests. Tables, chairs, cups, plates…it’s really all provided for you. No set up, no clean up. My dream! Plus your birthday kid & guests have free rein of all the other art spaces before, during, and after the party. Perfect!IMG_0175IMG_0178Like I said before, ArtBEAST is our spot to hang. It’s fun, creative, and perfect for Downtown Sacramento. After several fun filled hours of art and play, we can’t wait to come back again. As a mom, I feel good about the money I’ve spent! If you haven’t made it down to ArtBEAST you should…like now.IMG_0195


Photos | Sandra Kordazakis