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It’s been more than two months now, but we are still reeling from the pure magic that was Art Hotel. We wanted to revisit the Hotel and share a rarely-seen glimpse into the installation through the eyes of our contributing photographers. Andre Elliott essentially didn’t leave Art Hotel in its entire duration, and he lived to tell the story.

When I first heard a bunch of people were going to renovate an old hotel and fill each room with art pieces I thought, “This might be the coolest art exhibit that’s ever happened here.” It reminded me of some crazy New York underground pop-up art show and that I needed to see.


The first day was probably the most calm. The artists came in after meeting at a bar next door and explored the hotel, trying to figure out the best way to incorporate their ideas. However, the artists progressively picked up the pace as the deadline approached. By the final week, the hotel was ablaze with frenzied activity 24/7.

1-7-16_art_hotel_andre71-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre371-26-16 art hotel - Andre11-26-16 art hotel - Andre71-26-16 art hotel - Andre261-26-16 art hotel - Andre221-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre361-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre321-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre311-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre11-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre241-26-16 art hotel - Andre362-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre391-26-16 art hotel - Andre33

2-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre162-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre42-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre32-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre22-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre12-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre352-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre312-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre192-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre171-26-16 art hotel - Andre9 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre241-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre16

2-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre532-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre342-4-16 art hotel 5th visit and vip andre131-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre31-26-16 art hotel - Andre31-26-16 art hotel - Andre22-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre302-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre201-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre62-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre52-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre1-22-1-16 art hotel 4th visit andre2-2

It was amazing to see the developments of so many different creative artists under one roof. I feel like Sacramento needed something like this. It was a great way to showcase local talent and draw a lot of attention at the same time.