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City Scout is an online magazine that shows you the best of what California has to offer.

We scour cities for the best food, art, design, music, and the like because we know that culture is shaped by the lesser-knowns as well as the most-talked-abouts.

Our aim isn’t to just tell you about the goings-on around town; it’s to tell you about who’s making them happen, and why, and to give you all the information you need to go out and experience them yourself.

We’re not critics.
We’re not reviewers.

We’re not another hyperbolic blog.

We’re locals who write about the things we like. And we see the importance in that. So whether you’re a tourist, a new neighbor, or a fellow Sacramentan, welcome. We look forward to seeing you around town.

Felix Molina

CEO + Co-Founder

Designer. Believer. Cyclist. Masochists Boston sports fan. Coffee drinker. California kid.

Nicolette Skidmore


Nicolette has a deep love for food, art, and leisure. She often finds herself scouring the city for hidden treats with her hipster son.

Michelle Labi-Klonecke


A teacher in Elk Grove, but happy to call midtown home. She can be found hunting down new things to eat, drink, and learn.

Hannah Wohlenberg

Media Intern

College student in LA, but calls Sac home. Loves to run, explore new hiking trails, and read books.

Cole Cuchna


Cole Cuchna is a culture-forward father who works in the coffee industry. He is the producer of the music podcast Dissect.

Gavin Lujan-Loveless

Junior Intern

Florida-bred but Cali-grown, Gavin has a love for writing. As of now he is getting valuable experience as a high school intern.

Alexandra Harner


Alex Harner is a sommelier and writer living in Napa. Her blog keeps her busy when she isn’t selling wine for Benchmark Wine Group.

Alina Tyulyu


Alina is an event planner and photographer. When she's not doing one or the other she is sipping wine or playing with cats.

Andre Elliott


When not shooting various events, Andre enjoys catching up on a growing list of books or delving into personal photo projects.

Diana Raveica


A local Sacramento photographer that likes to eat, travel, and take lots of pictures in between.

Evelyn Popov


Evelyn enjoys a good cup of coffee and day trips to the bay. When not studying law, she searches for creatives to forge new concepts.

Giovanni Martinez


Giovanni is an active writer and independent filmmaker. He enjoys traveling, riding his bike, and live shows.

Glenn Robinson


A Northern California photographer that travels and looks for opportunities to collaborate with outdoor brands and projects.

Kelsey Wong

Aspiring pastry chef living in San Francisco. Always seeking out good eats and cozy bookstores. 

Maggie Susac


Maggie is a health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for fashion, who is also on a daily mission to eat healthy.

Michelle Sweezey


Michelle is a people person with a movement addiction and a yes problem. A mom of three living and loving an unconventional life.

Robert Small


As a lifelong Sacramentan, Rob loves sports, traveling, photography and discovering what the Sacramento-region has to offer.

Rodney Blackwell


Like a sommelier, but for hamburgers. Entrepreneur, web guy, tennis player, and founder of the Sacramento Burger Battle.

Shannin Stein


Shannin can be sometimes admittedly blunt in her style of communication as General Manager of some popular dining locations.

Shaun Slaughter


DJ, Producer, Event Curator, Food / Drink Enthusiast, Bon Vivant.

Stacy Antonopoulos


Stacy is a working mother of two. She teaches high school English, takes photos, and explores Sacramento and beyond.

Tim Coburn


Tim Coburn is the lead pastor at Society Church, a non-denominational church in the heart of the urban center of Sacramento.

William Burg

William Burg writes about Sacramento's history, urban development, transportation, culture, and future.

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