A Weekend with Chef Sarah Glover and Cobram Estate

If you’ve lived in California long enough, you dream of road tripping up Highway 1 to stop at all the must-see show stoppers our coast boasts. From Malibu to Big Sur with all the wind and waves you could possibly need. Well, if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to start planning and we have some major inspiration for your trip of a lifetime.

Chef and author, Sarah Glover just released her first cookbook, WILD. To celebrate, Glover and photographer Luisa Brimble, who photographed the book, traveled all the way from Tasmania, Australia to road trip up the coastline with Cobram Estate, an olive oil company located in both Woodland, California with olive groves in Australia as well. Of course, this wasn’t just any road trip. The team stopped in the most beautiful destinations to cook, IN THE WILD. Yes, outdoors–no kitchens and no In-N-Out for this crew. They prepared every meal along the way, over an open fire with limited tools. Pretty wild, huh?

We joined Glover and Chef Kevin O’Connor from Cobram for the last leg of their trip, stopping by the Hog Island Oyster Company farm to pick up the essentials. After, we headed over to Tuloma Farms in Petaluma for a true farm dinner complete with an audience of goats and a Sonoma County sunset. We finished the trip 80 miles east at Cobram Estate in Winters. Under the olive branches, we enjoyed a long lunch and celebrated Glover and her delicious new chapter. Now that we’ve scratched our road trip itch, we are headed to cook outdoors!

CS: Tell us a little about you.

Sarah: I’m a chef and a pastry chef. I’ve been cooking since I was 16. I dropped out of high school to go to culinary school to start my career and my journey as a chef. But I took a few detours here and there and I actually ended up owning a cookie company. I would wholesale and distribute cookies in Australia. My cooking career started more as a pastry chef.

CS: What is your favorite thing on the tour so far?

Sarah: Oh jeez, that’s a hard one. I think one of my favorites, and definitely a highlight was my event at North Brooklyn Farms in New York. It was outdoors and underneath the Williamsburg Bridge and the Statue of Liberty in one area and the Empire State was in the other. That was a highlight. But I think doing the Californian coast was incredible. We did a sunrise shoot at Malibu. That was incredible. We shot out of the back of a Range Rover and the sunrise and beach were in the background.

CS: Tell us about the book. Why did you go with an organic camping experience vibe?

Sarah: I think that it’s true to who I am, more organic. I tend to cook with my hands and eat with my hands. I don’t overly stage things so I guess cooking outside for me and using nature to style it all was kind of an extension of myself. For me as a chef, I get my produce from nature and the space it came from.

CS: We heard that you cook first, then look back at Luisa’s photos later and write the recipe from memory. This seems unorthodox, so how does this process work for you?

Sarah: I think because I’m a creative and an artist at heart. I mean, any painter has their paints and they have a vision but then they’ll paint it and the whole expression might change. So I feel like it’s like that with me for food. I tend to have an idea and then I’ll have some produce, but then it’ll change. I don’t have a set plan of how it’s going to turn out. And in particular, when you’re cooking over fire, the elements change–wind, fire, wood, and rain–so you can never really plan it 100 percent. So yeah I guess there’s just so many variables that you just can’t predict.

 Shockingly gorgeous, right? After a quick stop in Hawaii, Glover and Brimble will be back in Australia doing what they do best–making delicious food and capturing every culinary moment. Don’t mind us, we will just stalk their Instagram and try to master each and every recipe in the beautiful WILD cookbook.

Photos | Nicolette Lovell