A Look Inside Art Hotel

We’ve spent the last 3 weeks documenting the artists’ residency at Art Hotel. The VIP viewing is tonight and we’re DYING to show you what the inside of the abandoned apartment building looks like. In order to keep the mystery alive, continue to build up excitement and stay out of the doghouse with m5Arts, we can’t share everything. So we’re sharing some of our favorite shots from the installment of Art Hotel. You. Must. Go.1-26-16 art hotel - Andre2 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre1 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre7 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre17 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre19 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre22 1-14-16 ArtHotel 2nd visit- Andre12 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre32 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre24 1-26-16 art hotel - Andre36Can’t wait until the opening to see more? Read the artist interviews (Part 1 and Part 2) and watch our teaser video. The Art Hotel is a 10-day transdisciplinary art experience. The exhibit opens to the public on February 5th at The Jade located at 1122 7th St in Sacramento, California.


Photos | Andre Elliott