Sandra Kordazakis

7 Steps to a City Scout Kids Birthday Party

Nearly all moms fall victim to the pressures of modern mommy-circles: handmade Halloween costumes, infant music classes, and, of course, Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. Pinterest is a wonderland of inspiration and how-tos but, let’s be honest, we’ve all spent an entire weekend on projects for a toddler’s birthday party that only lasted 2 hours. The result is always the same: impressed guests, one exhausted parent, and a toddler who doesn’t know the difference. So how do you throw a stress-free birthday party when a Spiderman cake and streamers from Target just won’t cut it?

We have a birthday party solution that will impress your guests, thrill your child, and give you the opportunity to stress less and even enjoy some of that cake! Before you sit down with Pinterest pulled up on the iPad, hear us out. Ready to learn how to plan a City Scout Kids birthday party in 7 steps?

1. Location, location, location

Find a kid friendly restaurant that still has an urban feel and good food. Yes, your house is an ideal location for your kiddo’s birthday party: plenty of room to run and play, everyone knows where it is, people can stay as long as they want, and, oh yes, you’ll be cleaning for 2 days before and after the party. Let’s quickly discuss the beauty of hosting your little person’s special day at a restaurant. No cleaning necessary. Call ahead to reserve enough room and an ideal table. Show up day of. That’s it. We suggest Federalist Public House. It’s kid friendly, and if you reserve tables by the lawn, you’ll have some extra breathing room.IMG_9746IMG_97382. You can’t make a cake better than Freeport

We know you’re dying to make that 3 layer red velvet cake with white chocolate shavings that you saw on your favorite blogger’s Pinterest board. It’s hard to resist. We also know you’ll still be putting the finishing touches on the cake when your guests arrive and, yep, you haven’t even showered yet! Ditch the hassle and order a cake. When you order a cake from Freeport Bakery, your guests will be so amazed that “homemade cake” will be a foreign concept.IMG_9725IMG_98123. Pizza makes the world go round

If you want the answer to a successful kids’ party, it’s pizza. Why try to force our idea of delicious party food on the kiddos when, it turns out, pizza is a care-free solution for everyone! If you followed our first suggestion and are hosting your party at Federalist, you’re treating your kids and adult guests as well. Federalist makes their pizza with the freshest organic ingredients, and the kids will love it! Plus, pizza is built for sharing which is perfect for your party.IMG_9760IMG_9805IMG_97974. The most complicated part of your party should be the ice cream

We know we said to keep it simple but ice cream is an exception. Because you’re hosting at a restaurant and saving yourself all that cleaning time, you may not have freezer space available. That doesn’t mean you have to be rushing around to get ice cream right before the party. Place an order with Leatherby’s Family Creamery and ask a family member or friend to pick up the ice cream and toppings on their way to the party. You just provided a full-service ice cream bar and you barely had to move a muscle.IMG_9845IMG_9854IMG_98515. Balloon animals to the rescue

We love piñatas and no one can dis old school party games. Party games are always a hit but they occupy the kids for a few moments and then they are ready for the next. Enter, balloon animals. Stop by Under the Big Top, pick up a bag of balloons (don’t forget the pump) and teach yourself how to make balloon animals with the assistance of YouTube videos. Make sure to learn how to make a dog that can be adjusted into almost any animal, a sword and one extra impressive animal. You will be a hero and all the other parents will be in awe of your “do it all” abilities. Truly.IMG_9779IMG_97816. Win hearts

Party favors: do or don’t? Party favors seem to be a thing of the past but we stand by them. Gift opening is true bliss for the birthday kid but leaves all the other kiddos a little restless. This is the perfect time to pop out some favors. Candy kabobs anyone? Andy’s Candy Apothecary is a wonderland of treats and will package together little bags of treats. Congratulations! You just won the heart of every kid in the room.IMG_9713IMG_98817. Simple is best

Pick up some plain white balloons and grab your phone to snap shots. The simplicity of your party means nothing if you are frazzled. Relax, visit with guests, enjoy cake, and party away!IMG_9832

Photos | Sandra Kordazakis