Brunch: 58 Degrees & Holding

We all know about the six degrees of separation between us and Kevin Bacon, but what about the 58 degrees that gets you to just … bacon? Enter: 58 Degrees brunch! And due to weekend math — just go with it — we move the decimal place over one and ta-da! The 5.8 Degrees of your new connection to brunch at 58 Degrees:Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-19 Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-17 Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-241. You know that 58 Degrees is a restaurant with a heck of a wine list. You like wine. We’re making solid connections already. Since weekends are the only time the restaurant is serving during the day, you can take advantage of that it’s-five-o’clock-somewhere attitude. Though brunch is available both Saturdays and Sundays, Sundays especially lend themselves to a glass or two of wine. All day Sunday, 58 Degrees offers no corkage on the retail bottles bought in the adjacent bottle shop! So while you wait for your sleepy-head friends to arrive, you can peruse the bottles, find one you like and pay the retail price on the restaurant side. $20 bottle of sparkling? Sounds like four $5 glasses to us! Once you’re at your table and want to order another bottle, no need to get up from your seat. Retail bottles can be added to your tab at any time, but on Sundays, that tab won’t include the typical $15 corkage fee. Pop those corks, people! (Side note: you’re welcome to bring your own bottle with a $25 corkage fee)

2. You sometimes wake up late enough on the weekends to crave lunch-y foods. No way! The brunch menu at 58 Degrees just so happens to offer dishes like a bagna cauda caesar salad or a burger (with the option to add a fried egg on top!). We started with the bruschetti, whetting our appetite with two each of the apricot compote + brie, whipped ricotta + roasted peppers, and walnut pesto + olive + mortadella combinations.

Next, we swooned over the Eggs and Grits dish — two soft-poached eggs served atop a fluffy but indulgent blend of polenta and Parmesan with a side of housemade focaccia. Our version came with asparagus, though the vegetable changes seasonally. Break those beautifully runny eggs and get to mixing!

And lastly, we enjoyed splitting the Truffle and Egg Sandwich. Not a fan of truffle oil? Fear not; the scrambled eggs on this ‘wich are made with truffle-studded Pecorino for a more authentic and less sharp flavor. Layered with avocado and bacon on an Acme ciabatta loaf (served with your choice of potatoes or salad) and we’re looking at a little bit of Italy in a very California sandwich. Craving a bit more kick? Add some housemade hot sauce, which is made with seasonal peppers that are fermented, making for a more complex heat.Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-64 Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-82 Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-813. Perhaps the first bite you crave for the day leans more sweet. Wouldn’t you know it? You’re the perfect candidate for such dishes as the Bowl a ‘nola, or the French Toast, made with housemade brioche, crème anglaise, seasonal fruit, and a tart compote to round out the balance. Light, not too sweet, and fresh; add another link to the chain connecting you to 58.

4. 58 Degrees is smack dab in the middle of midtown Sacramento. You like Sacramento. Get out of town! Actually, stay; that’s the whole idea. With Scout Living next door, Zanzibar Trading Co. kitty-corner, and Cheap Thrills half a block away, you can ease back into your day after brunch by scoring a vintage teak side table, browsing tribal art, and/or trying on silly costumes, respectively. Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-68Alina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-92 5.8.  The details:

  • 1217 18th Street
  • Hours for brunch: Saturdays and Sundays from 11-3
  • Seating: Indoor or outdoor (patio offers umbrellas)
  • Dogs: woof! Translation: yes! They’ll even set out a water bowl for your pooch.
  • Parking: Street, or during certain hours, at this garage

Nearby: Old Soul in the Alley | Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates | Broderick RoadhouseAlina Tyulyu - 5.29 - 58 Degrees Brunch - Alina-39

Photos | Alina Tyulyu