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5 Delivery Services You Should Be Using

On Monday nights you’re strict with yourself. It is the start of the week and you have Napoleonic motivation; every email has been responded to and all reports are sent out. You probably even made a nutritious veggie stir-fry for dinner and scrolled through all your Instagram stories. As the week drags on and the workload piles up, you begin to wonder how you ever survived with just two hands. It’s times like these where living in a city pays off because delivery services are sprouting up left and right to accommodate the ever increasing pace of modern lifestyles.

We rounded up our favorite local delivery services in an attempt to take some weight off your shoulders. Adding these helpful companies into your weekly routine is guaranteed to lower your workload and add temptation to your diet. Here are the five delivery services we can’t believe you’re living without.

Caviar | Food Delivery From Your Favorite Restaurants

In the past, Domino’s and Pizza Hut were the best/only choices in the way of speedy food delivery. Now that Caviar moved into town, delivery options just got a huge upgrade. Caviar partners with independent restaurants to offer quick and quality home delivery. You can feast on your favorite local fare without moving from the couch! What sets Caviar apart from other food delivery services is the amount of care and intention they put into ensuring that your food gets to you as hot, crisp, creamy, or cold as it was when it left the restaurant.

Craving an extra lazy Saturday? Caviar yourself cold-pressed juice from Liquidology for breakfast, sandwiches from Block Butcher Bar for lunch and a Hot Italian pie for dinner. And then send some our way!Alina Tyulyu - 7.28 - Caviar - Alina-5 Alina Tyulyu - 7.10 - Hot Italian-Cookies - Alina-16

Nice Stems | Euro-Bicycle Flower Delivery

Nice Stems is a “neighborhood flower shop, delivering in the neighborhood.” Their adorable, euro-style flower stand sits inside WAL Public Market between the co-founders’ individual shops: Benjamins Shoes and Kechmara Designs. Their flowers are sourced from some of the best farms and individual varieties are available while in season. Via their subscription service, beautifully arranged bouquets in simple glass vases are hand delivered on Gazelle Dutch cruiser bicycles weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Their service packages are affordable and keep your home feeling fresh and bright! Of course, if you’re in the mood to hand-pick your arrangement, bouquets are also available for purchase at the Nice Stems stand inside WAL Public Market.Alina Tyulyu - 7.28- Nice Stems - Alina_-25 Alina Tyulyu - 7.28- Nice Stems - Alina_-7

Seasons Coffee | Cup of Joe Delivered to Your Door

What started off as a Coffee of the Month Club, evolved into a heroic delivery service. Coffee: delivered to your door. No more brewing packages of Keurig at home or running an hour late because of the long line at your corner coffee shop. Seasons Coffee offers a delivery service that’s both convenient and of excellent quality. Sign up for regular shipments of coffee beans at intervals of your choosing or become a member of the Bold Crew and Seasons will deliver up to twelve 8-ounce bottles of cold brewed coffee to your doorstep every (or every other) Monday. Add your own fixings or drink it black and bold.Alina Tyulyu - 7.14 - Seasons Coffee - Alina-2 (1) Alina Tyulyu - 7.14 - Seasons Coffee - Alina-9

The Freshy Fresh | Sacramento’s #1 Rated Fluff and Fold

Have you ever run out of fresh underwear? It’s okay, be honest. It’s #relatable. That’s why The Freshy Fresh company came to fruition; to prevent you from going to work commando. They are Sacramento’s #1 rated, full-service, fluff and fold laundry service. With next-day turnaround on every order and complimentary pickup and delivery, we can’t think of a reason to ever do your own laundry again. Their easy 4-Step Process will calm any nerves you have about outsourcing such a seemingly large project.Alina Tyulyu - 7.28 - Freshy Fresh - Alina-3 Alina Tyulyu - 7.28 - Freshy Fresh - Alina-2

Cookies & Milk | Like Having Grandma on Speed Dial

Oreos are tried and true, but your mama’s cookies might not be. Times are tough when you’re fresh out of cookies, with no baking skills, and a hankering comes in hot. Cookies & Milk is Sacramento’s milkman, who brings warm cookies to your door. One dozen takes care of the $15 minimum for delivery and, trust us, you want at least a dozen. Among the offerings are Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Chocolate Crinkle, and a Rotating Special. Cookies & Milk recently added Gunther’s Ice Cream to their list of deliciousness delivered to your door. Add a single or double scoop of vanilla or chocolate and don’t forget to add on milk or Seasons cold-brewed coffee!Alina Tyulyu - 7.10 - Hot Italian-Cookies - Alina-19 (1) Alina Tyulyu - 7.10 - Hot Italian-Cookies - Alina-22Toss out that old takeout menu and modernize your lifestyle with some fun and innovative services. And when you casually plop yourself on your couch to enjoy the fruits of one of these deliveries, post a photo with the hashtag #scoutsac so we can fist bump your accomplishment.


Photos | Alina Tyulyu