12 Days of Christmas To-do’s

The temperatures are freezing, we’re bundled in as many layers as possible and hot soup sounds scrumptious at all times. The past couple weeks in Sacramento reflect the season: cold, festive and holiday-ready.  

We’re less than two weeks away from Christmas, and 19 days away from 2017. Time seems to move faster than usual during this time of the year as we’re all busy planning for the festivities that lay ahead. To help you indulge in the holidays stress-free, we’ve created a bucket list of 12 December-appropriate activities to count down the days until the sleigh bells ring.

Pick out 5 must-dos or challenge yourself to check off all 12. Either way, you’ll be glad you intentionally celebrated the season.

Be sure to head to our Things To Do page to see more possibilities for your holidays season.

December is looking better than ever.

Photos | Julia Maya